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With sensitive candor Elke provides an inspiring guidebook for living the life you really want.  This book brings a philosophical framework to consciousness raising, like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer have done. Elke lays out a concise and accessible path to making the shift to a new life.

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Elki Babicki - Making the Shift
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Elke founded a new non-profit organization, United Girls of the World. Our focus is to aid girls locally and internationally with critical issues, including self-esteem related problems, violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse. My partner and I produced a flash mob video at Park Royal with a team of volunteers, including Pro Arte dancers, Pandora's Vox women's choir and a team of talented musical directors, choreographers and sound engineers. Please take a look and help us get this video out to the world.


If you are ready to Live the Life You Really Want, Elke’s book: Making the Shift is a powerful step-by-step guide to breaking out of old patterns, claiming your intuition and healing on every level. Read reviews and excerpts from Elke’s book.

...Check out the video for turning off the negative little voice in your head...

Elke has a series of guided audio meditations if you are experiencing a loss or simply want to rejuvenate.

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Conversation with Elke Babicki about audio book/CD's
The CD explains what you may be experiencing when your world feels like it has been shattered.

Elke has led workshops in Europe and Canada and has helped thousands to claim more power in their lives. Elke has been a registered clinical counsellor in private psychotherapy practice for more than 25 years. Her practice includes training in family therapy, NLP, EMDR, cognitive restructuring and Elke's intuition for the treatment of individual and relationship issues.

Deepak Chopra and Elke Babicki
Dr. Deepak Chopra and Elke Babicki

Many people think what happens after we go to sleep does not matter. I think it matters a lot. I believe that dreams can help you to have a better waking life.
Do you want to know more about your dreams and how to make them work for you? Click here for individual sessions and workshops click here.

Are you feeling anxious, going through a transition or a change in your career? Do you want to feel more relaxed, more joy or more intimacy in your relationships?

"Elke Babicki is one of Vancouver's best. Author, therapist, and above all, inner healer, Elke grasps the hearts and needs of others with the depth of her attentive listening, her remarkable intuitive gifts, and her palpable concern for others... Elke is spa for the heart, and in these times, we all need that." more
- Dr. Stephen Post, Ph.D. Director, Center for Medical Humanities, Stony Brook University, New York

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