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Meet Elke

Elke Babicki M.Ed., R.C.C. is a clinician, author and motivational speaker. Elke has led workshops in Europe and Canada and has helped thousands to claim more power in their lives. Elke Babicki has been a counselor in private psychotherapy practice for more than 25 years. Her practice includes guided imagery, neuro linguistic programming, and cognitive restructuring for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. She works with individuals, couples, and corporations.

Elke is a podcast provider on Good Life Networks, and has established her acclaim as the intuitive voice with practical solutions. Her book Making the Shift is an inspiring guidebook for living the life you really want. In keeping with her vision of creating practical solutions for every day, Elke Babicki has created an easily accessible meditation experience. Her CD's help access the inner tranquility that allows the day to unfold peacefully, no matter what sort of chaos occurs. This is a very valuable resource in the midst of a crisis.

Elke grew up as the daughter of a German Catholic mother and Holocaust survivor father in a small historic town in Bavaria. This upbringing has provided an unusual perspective and taught her to be self-reliant. In her early twenties she settled in Canada to study psychology and languages at the University of Toronto. Elke graduated with an Honors BA and a Masters Degree in Adult Education and Counseling from University of Toronto. She has received a community achievement award for initiating and implementing social development courses in high schools. She has conducted workshops in Europe and Canada, designed for medical doctors, educators and mental health professionals. Elke has coached many CEO's how to become more effective leaders, advising them on human resources planning and restructuring organizations.

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